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About Us

The People Data Company provides consumer research at the point where people and technology meet.

 A Mobile First Approach to Media, Advertising, and e-Commerce Behaviour Insights

People Data Company, Inc (“PDC”) provides marketers with previously unobtainable consumer mobile activity data that enables better, faster, and more balanced data-driven decisions. We do this with innovative technology and business models that enable clients to pool purchasing power for economies of scale while tailoring subscriptions to their precise needs.

PDC enables consumers to monetize data regarding their activity, mobile journeys, and opinions in an ethical, transparent, generous and protected way. We aim to be the shining example of the right way to harvest consumer data; more like Robin Hood than Darth Vader.

PDC operates globally with a distributed team of innovators, opt-n consumer panels, and business models appropriate for both agencies and brands.  


Highest quality mobile panels
• Identity confirmed
• Compliance monitored
• Responses checked
• Bad actors replaced
Advanced mobile research platform

• Mobile engagement and journey capture

• Reach, frequency, dwell & conversion tracking

• Mobile activity triggered real-time surveys

• MAID capture for targeted ad testing

• Interactive dashboards for real-time decision
  making with no PII exposure
Value-adding services

• Custom dashboard development

• API integration to 3rd party survey   
 platforms  and NLPs

• AI analysis tailored to each client's guidelines

• Human assessments for AI validation, 
   subjectivity & local context

• Data subscription menu enables each client
   to create tailored bundles

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