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The People Data Company:


A mobile research platform to

understand consumers and

measure marketing 

Keen to create deeper understanding of your customers?

Marketing's impact on consumer perceptions and purchase habits

understood through mobile observation and surveys 


PDC enables clients to make better marketing decisions faster by seeing the impact of marketing across geographies and consumer segments. 


PDC provides consumers transparency and generous compensation for their honest participation in advanced mobile research studies.

We provide clients the data they need and people the value they deserve. 


That’s why we’re called the People Data Company.

Our Products

Our powerful data-gathering solutions provide you with the daily insights you need.

Brand Safety Monitor (BSM):

Managing hate speech brand-risk in social media advertising BSM shows both the incidents of selected ads appearing adjacent to hate speech on social media feeds and the percentage of overall posts that contain hate speech by platform, country and month.

Brand Safety Monitor.png

Mobile Shopper Monitor (MSM):

Mobiles Shopper Monitor.png

Understanding mobile shoppers

MSM shows mobile shopping journeys of consumers including:

•Internet ads seen by time & media

•Social media consumed & Influencers followed

•Media streamed, games played and terms searched

•Products searched, categories browsed, items selected on any app

•Purchase data: items, price, discount, promo codes,

•Payment method


Mobile Wallet Monitor (MWM):

Analyzing mobile wallet transactions

MWM shows:

•Wallets present, installed, used and uninstalled on panellist phones

•Information on every transaction panellists make with each wallet

•Surveys triggered by panellist's mobile wallet usage (or non-usage)

Mobile Wallet Monitor.png

Our Work

PDC has involved over half a million consumers in research provided to dozens of brand and agencies, including:


A global shampoo brand wanted to understand the impact of second-screening on advertising effectiveness in emerging markets. They believed recall and brand attribution would be lower with people who use their phones when ads come on TV, but they needed to know specifics.

They also wanted to see if there was a measurable difference in the purchase behaviour of both loyal and fickle buyers amongst those who second-screen and those who don’t.



We asked members of an existing PassivePanel questions about hair care product purchase and usage. We then uploaded audio fingerprints of ads from both the client and their competitors to each participant’s phone. Panellists who heard specific ads responded to surveys to measure recall, attribution and purchase intent.


Panellists also uploaded pictures of the hair care products they purchased during the study. 

We also captured all of the websites they visited, apps they used, videos they streamed, and terms they searched.



The client could see a clear correlation between second-screening and both recall and attribution performance. They could also map the consumer's mobile journey from ad exposure to product purchase and confirm the correlation of ad exposure to product purchase conversions.  The client reported that they had never before been able to access data like this. They are now planning longer-term studies in multiple countries.

Passive Panels - Case Study

Passive panels anchor

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