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Mobile Shopper Monitor (MSM):

Managing hate speech brand-risk in social media advertising BSM shows both the incidents of selected ads appearing adjacent to hate speech on social media feeds and the percentage of overall posts that contain hate speech by platform, country and month.

Brand Safety Monitor.png

Brand Safety Monitor (BSM):

Understanding mobile shoppers

MSM shows mobile shopping journeys of consumers including:

•Internet ads seen by time & media

•Social media consumed & Influencers followed

•Media streamed, games played and terms searched

•Products searched, categories browsed, items selected on any app

•Purchase data: items, price, discount, promo codes,

•Payment method

Mobiles Shopper Monitor.png

Mobile Wallet Monitor (MWM):

Analyzing mobile wallet transactions

MWM shows:

•Wallets present, installed, used and uninstalled on panellist phones

•Information on every transaction panellists make with each wallet

•Surveys triggered by panellist's mobile wallet usage (or non-usage)

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