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Consumers live their lives through their phones. For any consumer marketer, there is gold in the streams of core data that comes from those phones. 


When analysed across a defined segment and contextualized with surveys and panellist-generated content, the resulting data stream becomes the most detailed source of consumer insight data in history. 


This gives the ability to see exactly what consumers do on their phone before, during and after ad exposure. Then survey them or see pictures of the products they buy, enabling unprecedented consumer journey analysis and advertising effectiveness measurement.


The technology enabling passive metering has been available for several years, but the challenges in implementation are daunting.


PassivePanels shields clients from those challenges and enables each client to design their own solution from the following component parts.  


PassivePanel Components:

Core Stream – The aggregation of base data across all participants in a PassivePanel: app, website and video usage, search terms used, location and phone spec.

Custom Extras:

Client can add context and value to the Core Stream with panellist generated content. Panellists can respond to profiling and qualification questions at any point in their panel interaction


Custom Reports:


Custom Reports enable clients to zoom in on just what is important in the lives of their core customers. A dashboard report shows in detail what those people do.


Contact us today to get a quotation on your custom PassivePanel subscription.

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