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Is what you knew about consumers before Coronavirus still true today?

How does your life look today compared to a few months ago?

Have your travel decisions, shopping, media consumption or priorities and concerns changed in any way? Of course they have.

The Coronavirus crisis is causing a significant difference to people’s lives and outlooks. This means that almost everything you thought you knew about your customers has changed.

  • When and where do they shop?

  • Where do they get their information?

  • How do changes in their work routines and family life impact their brand, product, and supplier expectations?

Currently, it’s as if someone has turned the lights off and you can no longer see the people you need to talk to.

Fortunately, there is a way you can turn those lights back on, so that you can answer those questions in weeks and continue to get daily updates on your consumer’s changing habits, purchases, and activities, even when they don’t leave home. The People Data Company enables you to understand what consumers do on their phones and ask them why. Then test promotions or ad concepts with them and analyze the results within the context of their mobile activity, purchases, and the other ads they hear from you and your competitors.

In times of turmoil, you need current and continuous data about the here and now of people’s experience. The mobile phone is the only way to access that. Fortunately, we can provide this with greater speed, depth, and efficiency than you ever thought was possible.

As your consumer’s lives change, take a look at them in real time. With The People Data Company.

Please contact us at to arrange a demonstration.

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